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Below you can find a detailed description of the services offered by Master House. Under our care you’ll be sure to find good, competent services and excellent prices. We all know common contractor services have a bad image, mostly due to some of the professionals they harbor.

Master House was born for this reason: to offer quality and peace of mind to all clients. That’s why we are positive you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our quality, cleanliness and competence – we really are the best out there. And we are the best because we aim to be the best, because we were built with one objective: 100% client satisfaction. And that’s our moto!

Master House - Masonry and Bricklaying

Mason and Bricklaying

Master House has the know how to meet a variety of needs when it comes to bricklaying and masonry services. Focused mainly on security, practicality, cleanliness and quality our workers – in each and every branch – are trained to perform renovations, demolitions, installation of doors and windows, providing finishing work services, sealing and caulking services, tiling services, building internal and external walls and much, much more.

All the work is done based on extensive study and planning of structural features and client’s requirements – before even the first scratch is made to your building. We know exactly what, where and how each job will be done and when it will be finished and clean, juts so you can have no surprises: financial or otherwise.

Master House - Electrician

Residential and commercial electricians

A good performance of the electric circuits is key not only to a working house, but to a working business. It is also a major security concern, not only for the wellbeing of your staff, but to insure the safety of your family. Depending on the type and extension of your renovation work, an electric network expansion might be required – both in the size of the general circuitry and on its potency. That might mean adjusting all your wiring – or maybe just remodeling your circuit box.

To find out which and to prevent any headache coming from electrical glitches of any sort – such as short circuits, burning of wires and appliances or even an electrical fire – ask Master House! We have a specialized team of trained electricians, fully qualified to test, assess and touch only what you really need – so you don’t have to spend extra and can be at ease.

Master House - Plumbing

Plumber and hydraulics services

People don’t always know much about hydraulics, piping, water shutoff valves and other such things involved in a building’s hydraulic system. Asides from that, hiring an untrained professional could mean much bigger problems in the long run. Whether your needs are for a commercial or residential system, the key is identifying your real needs – are you building from scratch or fixing a problem? What is the real cause of that problem? Are you just updating and making adjustments or do you need a refurbishment or expansion?

Don’t play guessing games or settle for half-remedies. One bad decision could mean a future compromised structure, not to mention the headache of coming back home from a hard day’s work and finding no hot water for a relaxing shower. A mere drip or spill could be a sign of a serious problem – or just a simple drip: wouldn’t you like to know which before you bring down a wall? Master House has professionals that will assess your REAL needs and address the ACTUAL problem with a PERMANENT solution – be it a simple drip, a leak or the installation of a faucet, water tower or piping system. We do it better, cleaner and faster!

Master House - Wall Painter

Wall Painter - Residential and commercial

Before painting your walls, they need to be checked and assessed so the job can be completed to reach the client’s expectations: if you want a textured application on the outside or an easily cleaning cover for your child’s room, the work needs to be done in a completely different fashion – one needs a special coat of paint, the other, needs a smart primer application to guarantee the expected results.

A good paint job involves much more than buying a nice color and putting it on the wall. Asides from the decorative functions, the paint is there to help protect the masonry below – and insure the safety of your family or business: changes in climate, temperature and finish can cause water damage that might even compromise the integrity of the structure. There is such a thing as the correct wall finish, primer and type of paint for each place and room. Don’t play with the beauty of your home or the efficiency of your business front – get Master House to assess the building and help you make the best decisions, safely, cleanly, cheaply and really, really fast.

Master House - Drywall and plasterwork

Drywall and plasterwork

Drywall and plaster have made their way into Brazilian construction for a multitude of reasons – new and better technology, ease of application and use, lower cost and quality of materials among them. As those techniques and materials become more and more popular, so does the need for more professionals – and that’s where most people find trouble.

How to distinguish the great drywallers and plasterwork masters from the dupes? Master House has professionals working with all current materials and techniques, really trained and experienced in their fields. From plaster linings on walls and ceilings, to pre-molded structures and drywalls in your home or business. From new additions to adaptations, moves and refurbishments, you can count on us!

Master House - Handyman

Handyman services

The concept of a handyman is a new thing in the Brazilian scenery. Small repairs used to be made by husbands on vacation – and that’s why this particular market is locally known as the “husband for rent” market. What a name, huh?

But even if the name makes you think about the responsibilities involved – Yikes! – we’re really only talking about those small home improvement projects that can be done over a few minutes.

So, if you don’t feel like coming home on the weekend and fixing a broken step on your stairs, hanging the drapes on the living room, putting up a new shelf, changing the place of the TV on the wall and a number of other small repairs that need to be done in a normal home, call Master House and we’ll do it for you. This way you can sit back, relax and spend some time with your family without worrying about all those little things that need to be done.

Master House - Gardener


Whether you’re home, in a nice condo or at your place of business, a nice, well-tended to patch of green can really give you the calm and peace you need to get through the day. There’s nothing like staring at a little green grass while you eat your lunch, or reading a book next to the soothing perfume of a beautiful flower. Keeping it well-tended to, however, is what’s really hard. Do you have a green thumb? Do you know what one plant is doing well and the other one, right next to it, is dying? How do you trim a tree? What plants can you put in the same space? Should you fertilize – and with what? How much water does it really need?

Does it seem like the relaxing vibe of the green grass and the soothing perfume is disappearing fast? Without talent and work, maintaining a little garden can be a lot of trouble – especially if you’re dealing with trees, roots and their influence on walls and plumbing. As well, who can interrupt a client call to tend to the garden? Or pick out weeds when you’d rather play with your kids? Stop worrying and stressing and leave the job to Master House – our trained gardeners will keep that little path of green well-taken care of, safe for your children and as relaxing as it should be.

Master House - Waterproofing and roofing

Waterproofing and roofing

Waterproofing is a very broad term that invokes images of spy movie gadgets and high technology items. Nonetheless, it’s much more intimately connected to your home or business then you’d think. Your roofing needs to be waterproofed, not only because the infiltration of water on walls can compromise the aesthetics and the structure of the place – but also because of the deadly invisible enemies that thrive on the damp: mold.

Mold could be the cause of your sleepless nights, your son’s asthma attacks or your employee’s constant colds and flu absences, because it starts causing harm long before it’s visible. And it can occur not only because of a leaky roof or a broken roof tile – but because of a drip in the bathroom or kitchen, or simply because the region your building is at happens to be a little damper during a certain month of the year. Master House has waterproofing and roofing experts that will sort all those problems for you – assessing your real needs and keeping the damp away from your walls.

Our professionals know roofing well – but they also know how to waterproof floors, basements, balconies, water towers, pools, ceilings, terraces and all those particular places where the damp might appear. And, most importantly, they know what the proper tools and products are ideal for each case.

Master House - Building maintenance

Building maintenance

Owning a building – any sort of construction, really – means maintaining it. Some things need to be prevented, some others need to be kept in shape, and a few others need correcting – after all, nature is really unpredictable and accidents happen. So if you need preemptive measures, general maintenance or some corrective work done, call Master House.

We have trained professionals that will keep gardens, hydraulic and electric installations, pools, roofing, waterproofing, masonry, tiling, air conditioning and heating equipment in ship shape. We’ll clean, fix and maintain, so you can focus on your family or business. If it’s your home, apartment building, condominium, commercial building, industrial building, office or store, leave it under our care and relax. Our prices are much below market value – and you get the expertise, speed, care and cleanliness that make our moto true – 100% client satisfaction!