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Handyman and repairs services in Montello, NV


The concept of a handyman is a new thing in the Brazilian scenery. Small repairs used to be made by husbands on vacation – and that’s why this particular market is locally known as the “husband for rent” market. What a name, huh?

But even if the name makes you think about the responsibilities involved – Yikes! – we’re really only talking about those small home improvement projects that can be done over a few minutes. So, if you don’t feel like coming home on the weekend and fixing a broken step on your stairs, hanging the drapes on the living room, putting up a new shelf, changing the place of the TV on the wall and a number of other small repairs that need to be done in a normal home, call Master House and we’ll do it for you.

Thanks to a solid planning structure and thought out expansion process, Master House has the best quality franchise network in Brazil – and that means carefully screened professionals that undergo two stages of interviews and a practical competence test. So you can expect a uniformed professional, wearing a proper name tag and showing up exactly on the time you chose for your appointment. To safeguard your business or home even further, he’ll know an “Entry Code”, a pre-selected password that will insure he really is the man you’re expecting – and not a potential robber.

The Master House seal of approval also means a job well done, because the best services are our main objective: our moto is 100% client satisfaction and approval. So our professionals will be meticulous and competent, both when changing the resistor in your electrical shower, hanging shelves or retouching the wall paint.

So stop worrying about the drapes that need hanging or the bulbs that need changing in all those high, unreachable places. Call Master House and have a relaxing, satisfying time while your is cared for without fuss or trouble. Get your quotes now!