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Master House Maintenance and Renovations

Our History


A notoriously great builder from the ABC region of the Sao Paulo state (a region comprising seven cities east of the state’s capital), in Brazil, started his civil construction career in 1962 as a hoddie (a mason’s apprentice). Constantly working with quality and determination to service all clients with perfection, he was known as “Master” by all around him – a true praise to his high level of professionalism and charisma.

In 1975, at 30 years of age, he was called to build a two-story detached house in Santo Andre – one of the cities in the ABC Sao Paulo region. This is where the actual journey begins: commissioned by Helmut Axel, a German immigrant known for his rigorous discipline and high service standards. Once the building was finished with care and efficiency, the “Master” became an Axel family trusted friend.

Allan Comploier, Helmut’s son, founded Mister House in 2001 with the help of his dear friend Master. The company started with minor contracts for small maintenance services in residential and commercial buildings. Once Master’s technical knowledge was joined with Allan’s personnel management and marketing ideas, Mister House began a rapid ascent, breaking the competition and increasing market share in no time.


Since our main product is not construction (neither maintenance) – but client satisfaction and tranquility – and our suppliers in that business are non-other than our trusted workers, we could only reach high levels of efficiency if we could keep our team motivated and happy in their work place.

Mister House then decided to adopt, as part of its DNA, the Japanese concept of “meritocrate company” where all members of the team are equally important and know their responsibilities by heart.

Therefore, Allan began conducting weekly meetings with the entire team – from operations to admin – to discuss how to better procedure and increase service quality. And it was the right call: all employees incorporated the concept and, to this day, not a single job needed to b ere-done and the 100% rate of client satisfaction and approval has been steadily maintained.

Now, Mister House was no longer a small company – we expanded to encompass repairs, renovations, small construction contracts and maintenance – and we changed our name to Master House, which is now a household name.


In late 2014, guided by the “quality services available to all” philosophy, Master House has started its franchising history: Allan elicited the support of one of the best franchising consultants in the country to format this new step: Global Franchise. The company, led by Paulo Mauro, holds over 30 years’ experience in the franchising market as well as a great number of successful case stories – such as Subway, Snap Fitness and Sears – under its belt.

In 2015 we finally opened our doors to people with entrepreneurial spirit and resolve to join the Master House family and become franchisees promoting quality repair, renovation and maintenance services in their own regions.

“Your GOAL is to be the best in what you do. There are no alternatives” – Vicente Falconi, author of the TQC – Total Quality Control, Japanese style, book.