Mission and Values - Master House Maintenance and Renovations

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Master House Maintenance and Renovations

Mission and Values


Master House, or Mister House in the olden days, was founded with the objective of fulfilling all renovation, repair and small residential and commercial construction needs our clients had with excellence, punctuality and cleanliness, offering an essentially unique service in this Market.

Our main goal is to reach a 100% rate of client satisfaction and approval.

We experienced rapid expansion in 2015 thanks to our franchise model – a unique form of standardization to meet all Brazilian and US demand with guaranteed quality. It is also our objective to be one of the best companies to work at in the country.


Master House stands on four pillars: effort, intelligence, qualification and honesty (above all). If any of our workers or franchisees fails to act according to those principles, our zero tolerance policy makes sure that will not be repeated.

As well, since we believe in giving back, part of our income is directed to a series of charities that are part of our social initiatives.

  • Master House has all the tools required to effectively completing a job, which guarantees quality and speed to your remodeling project.