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Master House Maintenance and Renovations

How we offer the best service


Master House is a company working with high quality and professionalism in the most varied repair, renovation and maintenance services for your home or business. The list below has a link to the detailed description of all our services – just find what you need and click to know more:

What are handyman services?

Enjoy your own time :)”The small repairs services from Master House is designed to provide you all the comfort. Remember that leaking faucet that you never manage to fix? Tired of just waiting for “specialists” who schedule and never show up? Or you are moving, and need to install and set up 5,385 different things at your new home, and have no idea about who you should call? Count with us! We have the best professionals within this sector, who are going to give you always the best attention, and will always be on uniform and showing up with a “Master House Service Number”, only known by yourself, providing both safety and discretion.

All of those “small repair” are charge per worked hours. To ease it for you, we do accept credit and debit cards.


How remodeling and small construction projects work?

We work with integrity and punctuality on managing building projects and renovations, from structural and masonry stages to the high-end rendering and finishing stages. We can summarize our proccess for renovations and remodeling in 10 easy steps:

Here the summarized step-by-step process of Master House:

You call us asking for a quote for any problem in your property;

Our attendant will fill out your profile, locate the nearest service provider and schedule the best time and date;

A specialist will come to your property in order to fully assess your needs;

In less than 3 work days a detailed quote will be sent to you;

Once the quote is approved, we’ll be in touch to schedule the start of your job, as well as set a contract and payment methods;

With the contract in hand, we’ll send you a detailed schedule for the work or renovation;

At the start date, we’ll start by protecting all your furniture, floor and utensils (if necessary) with appropriate gear;

Effective completion of each stage in your construction schedule;

As the job ends, we also do a feedback session following our best practices policy.

10º Congratulations! Your renovation or job is finished and your warranty period starts with full coverage and guarantee from Master House.


What are building maintenance services?

Master House’s corrective and preventive maintenance services are focused in corporate offices, industries, condos and shopping malls.

We work with effectiveness and high standards to keep your working or recreational environment always functioning accordingly. Our maintenance contracts are all 6-months basedm and services provided may vary according to the region or franchised unit. In order to offer more comfort and reliability, we also offer contracts with 24 hours of assistance.

Electrical Work  – Hidraulic Work  – AC Maintenance  – Locksmith  – CCTV  – Electric Fences   – Automatic Gates  – Gardening – Pool Cleaning and Maintenance