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Decoration tips for smaller spaces


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Living in a small apartment is a reality for many people. Contractors seem to constantly offer smaller and smaller dwellings – which might be related to an intent to captivate smaller families or single people.

The dream of owning your own home, in some cases, is much more important than space, apparently. The smaller apartment, however, should not represent a lesser value or a tougher charge when it comes to decorating.

Quite the contrary. In fact, the use of special decorating styles for the smaller homes is a daily activity for a number of architects – especially since they seem to multiply in numbers – because the proprietors of a smaller space aren’t necessarily inclined to give up style and comfort in their home, sweet home.

If you are a part of the growing number of small apartment owners but is not ready to give up on a quality décor, don’t fret: Master House is here for you. Check out our style tips below, put together by our special team of architects and designers.

How to decorate a small space


What not to forget


In the lavatory

In the bedroom

In the kitchen

In the balcony

General tips

Regardless of the space available, the key is deciding on your own, personal decorating style. Check out decoration magazines and websites and look for clues of what you can do to apply that style to your home or business. Keep an eye out for things that you like and that actually add to your life: if you don’t like it, don’t get it.

Keep in mind the point of decorating is making an ambience look more comfortable, practical and pleasant. And it should, first and foremost, let the owner’s likes and personality shine through. Make it your own!

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